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When you think alone, like when you say something to yourself – like when I write this very sentence. Do you notice that you are silently saying your thought to you, and you listen to it as well. It’s not one way. The thought must be the work of our mind, and the one listening to it is, perhaps, what we refer to as our spirit? Then some of these thoughts, we can choose to either act on it or not. In moments of fear, joy, clarity or anything that involves a spike in our emotions, we often find ourselves talking to ourselves. You talking to me. And me just listening. Yikes! In surprise. Oh, shit! In an accident or dilemma. Aha! In realizing something or moments of clarity. Am I doing the right thing? What am I doing? In confusion. You always seem to be talking. I, on the other hand, seem to only listen. And there is the person that is writing this, which seems to be different from you and me.