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I had this epiphany that true happiness is innate. We do not acquire it from others, instead, it is a fundamental part of our “humanity.” Happiness dependent on other things expire when those things perish; it is then replaced by either anger, sadness, or numbness. We have been conditioned by our society to derive happiness from worldly things and relationships. But that idea of happiness if fleeting, as we’re only here for a moment. We do not really own anything, as anything we own, we let go when we die – whether we want to or not. True happiness is knowing that even if we do not know the truth, purpose, and meaning of our lives, we are here today, living, and we should make the best of it and enjoy it while we can. And we do not need to attach ourselves to anything in this world to enjoy it. Because it will not last. Neither do the things we believe, own, or love.